Your Christmas holidays at la Casa del Molí

Your Christmas holidays at la Casa del Molí

Your Chritmas holidays at la Casa del Molí are going to be unforgettable. If you arrived here and you have some spare minutes we encourage you to keep on reading this Christmas post with whom we open Casa del Molí’s blog.

This Christmas we have decorated the house so that you don’t miss anything and you feel like at home surrounded by your family. In our country there are several traditions to celebrate Christmas Eve and all of them are compatible if you choose to spend your Christmas holidays at la Casa del Molí.

Santa Claus is the most famous character and for this reason we have already set up our Christmas tree and the socks hanging above the fireplace. In this way, he will be able to choose where to leave all his presents.

In Basque Country and Navarra the main character on Christmas night eve is called Olentzero. He is a coal merchant who lives in the mountains the whole year and receives wish letters from little kids. His natural way inside the house is the chimney, so it’s easy to guess that Olentzero is going to visit us in la Casa del Molí through the kitchen…

In Catalonia we also have a very rooted and unique tradition called tió. It arrived at la Casa del Molí  some days ago. Tió is not only a wood log, it is a magic log who arrives on early December to recover and get plenty of energy for Christmas Eve. Between his arrival and that night it must be fed leaving some food every day before going to sleep. What a huge surprise when you see nothing but his naughty smile in the morning! All this ritual is going to have a reward… when the family joins together around it and sings the magic song while kids hit gently its back with a stick, it is going to unload all the affection previously received, usually being more kind to the kids. No need to mention how much it has been fed by us these days… You will see how much illusion he brings along!

However and wherever you celebrate Christmas Eve, Casa del Molí whishes you a truly Merry Christmas with your family. We encourage you to celebrate it ast la Casa del Molí. Enjoy your Christmas holidays at la Casa del Molí!


Anna & Roger