The House

The House “La Casa del Molí”


La Casa del Molí is a country house located between the villages of Pontons and Torrelles de Foix, in Alt Penedès shine (Barcelona area). It is placed in a valley at 490m above sea level and it has a well-paved access suitable for any kind of vehicle. La Casa del Molí in a ancient milhouse dated from beginning of XIXth century, that was refunbished to accommodate our guests for a pleasant stay.

Water of Riera de Pontons was deviated upstream to store it at the dam behind the millhouse walls (dam and dam gates still can be visited). This accumulated energy was used to power the mill machinery and afterwards the water was released back to the main stream through a tunnel behind the garden.

The machinery, which still can be observed, was used to mill the grains cultivated around the area. There is also an automatic saw used to cut the wooden beams required to build the houses at that time.

As mentioned before, some walls of the house share the same structure with the dam, reaching wall thicknesses of 2.5m at its base. Our guests will enjoy both a sensation of protection and a sensation of being brought to the past.

The whole property has 3,6ha, 9ac, including gardens, olive tree field, Mediterranean forest and riparian forest.

Our guests are encouraged to pick the eggs provided by our chickens directly from the hen house.

Regarding room’s distribution inside the country house, they are organized in 2 floors:

  • At the ground floor is where almost all common areas can be found. The hall, a fully-equipped kitchen, the living room and a water closet.
  • At first floor there is a polyvalent room for playing or studying. There are also two bathrooms and 4 bedrooms. There are 2 triple bedroom and 2 individual rooms but all of them have a double bed.

In addition, one of the bedrooms has a permanent cot for the baby.

The house offers the following services:


-Satellite TV

-Washing machine, drying machine, dishwasher

-Oven, microwave, coffee machine, toaster, etc.


-Fireplace at the kitchen

-Central heating

-Hen house

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